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Online casinos have become very popular recently. They provide people on their path to gambling with comfortable gaming and great variety of casino games to play.

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The Bets of Roulette - A Complete List

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Learning the rules of roulette is quite straightforward as it focuses mainly on learning the available table bets and how they can be placed. The goal of the game would be to bet on the results of a ball that spins around the wheel. The wheel is divided into several compartments, each of which has a certain color and number. Bets can be made on a certain number, or a trait of it, that the ball lands on. You can bet even or odd, or whether the ball will fall onto one of the first twelve numbers, for instance. Also you should find out everything on the sign up bonus of the casino you want to gamble at. You can bet it will fall onto a black or red pocket, or even skip them all to fall into the green zero pocket. The choices are aplenty. Learning roulette involves understanding every bet that can be made, along with every rule that comes with making them. Learn all of the different bets here. In order to play successfully, you need to know some strategies, just like in blackjack or craps.

Outside Bets

Roulette outside bets are bets outside of the primary playing area that consists of 37 numbers. No wins will be counted for outside bets with zero results. Here are the various kinds of outside bets out there:

How to choose a casino


With a great variety of modern casinos it may be difficult sometimes to choose the best place to gamble. So how to choose proper and reliable online casino? The best way is to check whether the casino reviews are good and it has a good reputation. Land casinos are also have to meet the quality requirements and provide players with the best services with good casino bonuses. Gambling have to fun and relaxing way of entertainment, so be sure to protect yourself and try to find the trustworthy casino for you.

Black or Red

It is possible to choose bets on the results either being a black or red number; just put a bet inside the diamond areas on the board's front filled with either a black or red color, as needed. This bet is very common because there is almost a fifty-fifty chance of you winning. People usually put this bet with the false thought that if five blacks get spun, there is a higher chance of the sixth to be red. This does not make any sense, though, since the wheel will never remember its last spin, making every spin completely independent of all the others. This type of bet gets paid even money.

Even or Odd

Similar to the previous bet, this one also pays out even money, but is based on the number being even or odd instead; 0 doesn't count. Make a bet by placing your bet in the middle of the 'odd' or 'even' square, which can be found on the sides of the colored betting area.

High or Low

The rules of roulette allow number ranges to get bet on. High and low bets make you predict if the next spin will make the ball end in numbers 1 - 18 or 19 - 36. It is also paid out with even money. To make a bet like this, place your chips into those boxes with associated number ranges on them.

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