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Online casinos have become very popular recently. They provide people on their path to gambling with comfortable gaming and great variety of casino games to play.

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Top Tips about Roulette Odds

Have you every played roulette or watched other people play roulette at a traditional casino? If so, you should know how exotic and fun it can be. As you may or may not know, roulette happens to be easy to learn, so it is only understandable that it comes with a lot of fun and excitement, even when played from the comforts of home through casinos on the internet. If you choose to play roulette on the internet, here are several tips on roulette odds that you can use to make the most of your potential in winning. All the gambling games are similar - you are to know the rules and the strategies, just like in craps, slots, blackjack and so on.

European and American Roulette

Typical American wheels in roulette have the numbers 1 to 36, as well as a 0 and a 00. European wheels of roulette, on the other hand, have the exact same numbers, but without a 00. This is why American roulette is never recommended to play on the internet since the casino will get an advantage by paying you roulette odds of your upcoming number as if 0 and 00 didn't exist. The additional numbers merely distort the real odds that earn the casino money. Roulette is easy in learning as the way how to play slots. So, by doubling that zero amount, the casino also doubles its advantage against you. When it comes to traditional casinos, you unfortunately have no choice what kind of table to play on since they might just have one kind; but when it comes to the World Wide Web, you have a whole plethora to choose from, so stay away from the ones with a 00 in them.

Payout and Roulette Odds

Here is a chart meant to describe your overall chances of actually hitting each potential roulette bet out there, as well as the corresponding payout for every bet.

How to choose a casino


With a great variety of modern casinos it may be difficult sometimes to choose the best place to gamble. So how to choose proper and reliable online casino? The best way is to check whether the casino reviews are good and it has a good reputation. Land casinos are also have to meet the quality requirements and provide players with the best services with good casino bonuses. Gambling have to fun and relaxing way of entertainment, so be sure to protect yourself and try to find the trustworthy casino for you.

The BetOn an American Roulette WheelOn a European Roulette WheelThe Overall Payout
A Single Number37:136:135:1
A Two-Number Split18:117.5:117:1
A Three-Number Road11.67:111.33:111:1
A Four-Number Square8.5:18.25:18:1
Five Whole Numbers6.6:1Does Not Exist6:1
A Six-Number Row5.33:15.17:15:1
A Column2.17:12.08:12:1
A Dozen2.17:12.08:12:1
Even Numbers1.05:11.011:1
Odd Numbers1.05:11.011;1
Low Numbers (1 to 18)1.05:11.011:1
High Numbers (19 to 36)1.05:11.011:1
Red Numbers1.05:11.011:1
Black Numbers1.05:11.011:1

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